Introbangla Limited (the mother company) constantly contributing to minimizing the existing commercial transportation challenges through Carbangla, now it has taken the initiative “Careeh” to address inefficiencies in the on-stop supplier platform to Simplify and improve the lives of people across our region.
Carbangla has a team of experienced professionals, a readily available technology solution comprised of four applications (Carbangla, Craeeh, Drive & Partner) that form a single system.


The real-time marketplace is built for consumer and trade

Carbangla focuses on making transportation a simple process by giving people easy access to a vehicle. The main goal for the company is to provide affordable, safe, and reliable transport that also creates job opportunities and a dependable income for drivers.

Careeh is a one-stop supplier platform for consumers and enterprises whatever daily needs focused on a multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including 10 minutes shop, transport, logistics, trading, and many more.

Captake leads D2C eMarketplace focused on connecting local businesses with manufacturers to reduce their margins, whilst local sellers can rely on Captake to bridge the gap between online & offline by changing the way brands build, engage & sell to their communities.

Shaping for everyday needs